ISO to USB 1.6

Create ISO images and bootable devices easily with this free program

USB storage devices have displaced other media such as CD-ROM and DVD for storing information. This little and free program lets you record ISO files into USB devices. This is useful for backing up programs in a USB device to get rid of all those DVDs and CD-ROM containing the installation files of your applications. Also, the program can record Windows bootable files into a USB device that you can use to get into your system in case that you suffer a system failure due to a virus infection or other problem. This way, you can back up your important files and try to fix the problem without the need of formatting your hard drive.

The file is really simple to use. You only need to select the ISO file you want to record on your device, as well as the USB drive in which you want to record it. The program will format the device and record the required ISO file. The speed of the process is rather fast, although it will depend on the size of the ISO file to be recorded, the space of the USB that needs to be formatted, and the speed of your system.

Please note that you cannot create ISO files with the program. To do so, you need to use another specialized program.

In general, it is a good and useful little program that you can get for free at the developer's website.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Very useful for creating bootable USB devices
  • Can create ISO images on rewrittable devices


  • You can't create ISO files, but only record them into USB devices
  • The program's interface is rather dull, althoughit does not nterferewith the program's performance
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